Future-proof and impressive. Simply CRM.

PrefCRM supports you in your daily tasks, processes, and direct customer contact as a central corporate memory and the platform for the future.

You can look forward to a smartly networked 360° view of your customer relationships and enjoy the efficient support of intelligent assistants (AIA®).

From beginners to CRM experts: from day one on, you can count on PrefCRM to optimize your processes and save valuable resources.

No matter where your team works, or whether they use the web client, desktop client, or mobile app – all employees can always access the relevant information, and it’s fascinatingly easy to do so.

The intelligent assistants in CAS genesisWorld help you and your employees to make the right decisions. The Augmented Intelligence Assistants (AIA®) are available to you immediately without any additional costs and support you in your daily routines. The AI-based algorithms always act transparently and perfectly prepare the basis for your informed decisions.

  • Ideal support anytime According to the motto “Finding instead of searching”, the Picasso search (1) suggests all relevant activities, documents, projects, contacts, and many more based on your individual user behavior.

  • The Opportunity wizard (2) supports you from the lead to the won opportunity: guided by the wizard, you record the first contact with a few clicks and can focus on the personal exchange. Thus, you convert promising leads into opportunities and can immediately create the required quote documents.

  • With the Customer relationship wizard (3), you put customer-specific developments, changes, and the current status of your customer relationships into focus. The transparent data is the ideal basis for competent consultation at eye level and even stronger customer loyalty (as of fall 2022).

With CAS genesisWorld, you decide which data are relevant for you and your team. You can quickly and easily customize the interface, create role-based dashboards, and provide data directly using app views.

Highlight important changes to opportunities in the Sales dashboard.

Extensive scripting capabilities support you in automating the highlighting of important information, creating role-specific dashboards, creating data record forms with values relevant in your company, and defining automated processes.

With PrefCRM, you provide customized apps and information and, thus, create the ideal work environment.

The scripting settings and customizations made with the App Designer are update-proof and are available in the CAS genesisWorld SmartDesign® clients.

You can now place the popular Business metric widgets (5) anywhere they are required and practical on any dashboards, forms, or wizards. This way, you gain an even quicker and more transparent overview of all relevant information and ease your decision making.